Rally at Google HQ: Calling on Google to Collaborate with Community

Teamsters from Local 853, Local 856, Local 315, and Joint Council 7

Teamsters Local 315, Teamsters Local 853, Teamsters Local 856, and Teamsters Joint Council 7 joined Silicon Valley Rising (SV Rising) to leaflet at Google HQ. The leafletting invites Google to work with the San Jose community after the company’s announcement to expand their campus. In addition, the company utilizes intimidation in the workplace to dissuade workers from joining a union.

Unlike the shuttle drivers of Facebook, Salesforce, Apple, Genentech, eBay, Netflix, Cisco, Amtrak, Zynga, Yahoo, and PayPal, who have all successfully joined Local 853, Google shuttle drivers continue to lack worker representation. With the already high-wage tech jobs creating a more financially competitive community, the underrepresented drivers are pushed out of the community or cram their families into whatever they can afford.

Google’s San Jose mega-campus expansion proposal will further displace not only these shuttle drivers, but also displaces many working families. SV Rising asks Google to take responsibility in creating “a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive approach” to its proposed mega-campus. Shout out to all the other labor leaders and community organizers present: Affordable Housing Network, Fight for $15 and a Union, Homeless (a local non-profit organization), Working Partnerships USA, Latinos United for a New America, UNITE HERE Local 19, and SEIU-USWW.

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