Executive Board

Who is our Executive Board and what do they do?

Our Executive Board is Local 315’s behind-the-scenes administration. ┬áThe Executive Board is comprised of our Secretary-Treasurer Don E. Garcia, President Alberto Ruiz, our Board of Trustees, and rank-and-file members. They handle a variety of 315’s decisions including finance approval, new or existing bylaws, changes to bylaws, and working in ordinance with any updates enforced by the Administration of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and by Local 315.

Don E. Garcia

Secretary-Treasurer, Principal Officer
(925)-228-2246 Ext. 111

Alberto Ruiz

(925)-228-2246 Ext. 121

Carlos Borba

Vice President

Lisa Logoteta

Recording Secretary
Rank-and-File Member: Recology Vallejo

Pat Guy

Rank-and-File Member: UPS North Bay

Trina Johnson

Rank-and-File Member: UPS North Bay

Jeanette Miller

Rank-and-File Member: UPS Oakley