DRIVE - a political action fund built by and for members of the Teamsters union.

DRIVE dollars contributed by Teamster members like you go to defeat politicians who trample on the rights and needs of workers in city, state and federal jobs.

As a Teamster you have the support of the most powerful and diverse labor union in North America.

Forming a union at your workplace gives you and your co-workers the power to stand up for your families, your futures and yourselves.

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315 News

  • Scholarship Applications Open Now!

    Scholarship Applications Open Now!

    Is your child headed off to college or a vocational training program? Be sure they apply for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship! Applications will be accepted through March 31st.

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  • Outreach Within: Working with IBT Caucuses

    Outreach Within: Working with IBT Caucuses

    Incoming TNBC President James Curbeam speaks to members at an informational meeting in Martinez. In recent months, Teamsters 315 has been working with two groups within the IBT; the Teamsters National Black Caucus and LGBT Caucus. Both groups seek to educate the membership at large on the unique experience of … Read More

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Executive Update

  • The Next Generation of Teamster

    Teamsters 315 is getting out and connecting with future members with an innovative outreach program. From rebranding our website and social media pages over the past several months, to attending Career Fairs at schools and colleges throughout our Local jurisdiction, we are engaging the next generation of Teamster. Making sure today’s young people not only know about the benefits of Union jobs, but also how and where to find them is of vital importance to our future. Our goal is to educate high schoolers and young adults about the myriad of career options they have, a message that contrasts to the college-only approach of our current education system. We have found that speaking with students about all that Union work can give to them and their families, as well as to their communities at large, is a message that resonates strongly. “My father was a Teamster member for over 40 years so I had the privilege of growing up in a Union household. Therefore, it was a pleasure being able to speak with high school students to talk about the importance of Unions and the benefits of being under a Collective Bargaining Agreement,” says Business Agent David Rodriguez about a recent trip to Richmond High School. “I feel that it is important that the younger generation partake in the labor movement to keep Unions alive. That way they can benefit from better paying jobs, safer working conditions, good medical benefits and a retirement plan.” Moving forward, we will continue to … Read More

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About 315

Chartered as a General Local in 1936 Teamsters Local 315 represents over 4,500 members primarily in Contra Costa, Napa, & Solano Counties, including members in various other regions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are very proud of our history and thankful to the retirees who helped build this local union. We will continue to organize, stay politically active, and fight for economic and social justice.

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“We work to represent our hardworking members, and continue to fight for basic decency and respect on the job.” -Alberto Ruiz & Don E. Garcia

Upcoming Meeting and Events

  • 13th Mar 2019 8:00:pmMarch Membership Meeting
    Location: 445 Nebraska St

    We will be in our Vallejo office for this month's membership meeting!

  • 10th Apr 2019 8:00:pmApril Membership Meeting
    Location: 2727 Alhambra Ave

    Join us for updates on all that's happening at 315!

  • 11th May 2019 9:00:amMay Membership Meeting
    Location: 2727 Alhambra Ave

    Come out for our monthly meeting to stay informed!

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