DRIVE - a political action fund built by and for members of the Teamsters union.

DRIVE dollars contributed by Teamster members like you go to defeat politicians who trample on the rights and needs of workers in city, state and federal jobs.

California Labor Wins Big with Passage of Assembly Bill 5
Learn about what AB 5 is, why it was introduced, and how it helps labor's cause.
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315 News

  • Scholarship Extended

    Scholarship Extended

    There has been an extension with Teamsters Local 315 Scholarship to August 21, 2020. Here are the rules and the application:

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Executive Update

  • Executive Memo

    The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the critical role of your work in relation to maintaining
    safe and healthy communities. We always knew our daily work was essential – as well as
    difficult – it’s gratifying to see more community recognition of that reality.

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About 315

Chartered as a General Local in 1936 Teamsters Local 315 represents over 4,500 members primarily in Contra Costa, Napa, & Solano Counties, including members in various other regions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are very proud of our history and thankful to the retirees who helped build this local union. We will continue to organize, stay politically active, and fight for economic and social justice.

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“We work to represent our hardworking members, and continue to fight for basic decency and respect on the job.” -Alberto Ruiz & Don E. Garcia

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