Teamsters Big Win for Solid Waste and Recycling

Last night, Teamsters Local 315 Secretary-Treasurer Don E. Garcia attended the City of San Ramon’s City Council meeting to include labor’s voice during the issuing of Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Solid Waste and Recycling Services.  This proposal, which without labor’s input, would have ditched decent labor standards.  Garcia effectively intervened for worker protection and the City Council accepted our resolution, with collaborative efforts from Beeson, Tayer & Bodine, Teamsters Local 70, and Teamsters Joint Council 7.

RFPs, which typically involves lengthy decision-making, the quick solution was an instant success for the Teamsters’ members. As a result, labor successfully stands strong in maintaining the same Collective Bargaining Agreement and Labor Peace Agreement. Accountability is held over the Solid Waste and Recycling Service Company for responsibilities regarding employee retention, prevailing wages, seniority, benefits, and labor peace.