Author: Teamsters 315

Brother Rob Morgan Retires!

Congratulations to Brother Rob Morgan on his retirement! Rob has been an invaluable member during his 31-year career as a Teamster. Over the past 8 years, he served our Local everyday as the Chief Steward at UPS North Bay’s Eastshore Center! He has always been highly respected, deeply trusted, and considered a shining example of… Read more »

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Standing in Support of AB 5 and AB 731

Teamsters from across the state have taken to the Capitol in support of AB 5 and AB 731. Your officers are at Teamsters 315 are among them! These two vital pieces of legislation are needed to benefit not only our members, but working men and women across the state.

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John Hancock 401k Plan

One of the great ways our members can save for their future and receive discounted tax rates is through our 401k Plan! Want to know more about 401k plans?  Watch a short presentation here. You can pause, rewind, and fast forward through this video at anytime. If you would like to sign up or speak… Read more »

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