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Teleforum Call for UPS Teamsters

Attention UPSers, there will be two scheduled conference calls on Tuesday, July 10th at 3pm PST and 6pm PST. You only need to tune into one call since the same contract information will be provided.

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Remembering a Teamster

Teran Perryman-Finley, daughter of a retired 315 member, shared with us the passing of a true family man and fellow Teamster, her father Lenard Perryman.   Lenard Perryman, born August 2nd 1951, was a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran. He got his start at UPS at the Oakland Hub, and transferred to North Bay’s Twilight Sort, becoming a 315 member. Lenard loved working for UPS and had encouraged Teran and her cousin Edward Buck to work at UPS for the full-time benefits that will support the family, including his five grandchildren. After the U.S. Navy, Buck has been a UPS driver for over 10 years at the Oakland Hub. Teran joined the Oakland Airport and became a Local 70 Teamster. Sadly, Lenard passed on May 20th at 67.  The plot and headstone has been taken care of by the military, but the preparation, storage, and transportation to San Joaquin National Cemetery still needs financial assistance. Teran created a GoFundMe for Lenard Perryman’s burial services if you would like to help his family during these difficult times.

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June Membership Meeting 2018

In Case You Missed It: Last night we held our membership meeting in the Vallejo office where Business Agents shared their worksite updates. Members invited to attend, every second Wednesday of the month, 8-9pm.

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