“An Unstoppable Force for Good”: Alameda Labor Council Awards Previous President of Joint Council 7’s Rome Aloise Unionist of the Year

The Alameda Labor Council celebrated previous Joint Council 7 president Rome Aloise for his outstanding and extensive leadership in the labor movement and the Teamsters labor organization. Aloise, who is currently on hiatus from his positions, has worn numerous hats for the Teamsters, from organizer to elected officer of Local 853, to 853’s Secretary-Treasurer to International Representative, to Special Assistant to General President Hoffa to Vice President At-Large for the International Union, to Director of the Teamsters National Dairy Conference and the Food Processing Division, and most recently elected to Teamsters Western Region Vice President.

In addition to Aloise’s plethora of hats, Aloise has chaired the National Costco negotiations, the California Statewide Liquor committee, Investment committee for the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust, IBT Benefits committee, and more committees throughout the country.  Recently, Local 853, under Aloise’s guidance, triumphantly spearheaded a campaign to organize Tech Shuttle drivers in the not-so-labor-friendly Silicon Valley.

The Labor Council also honored Senator Nancy Skinner, announcing her Warrior of the Year, for her spirited advocacy for unions and workers’ rights. Skinner co-founded the Graduate Student Instructors (GSI) union at the University of California, affiliated with UAW Local 2865, has worked with SEIU, and has engaged in actions to support workers at CCC Inc., Oaks Card Club, Berkeley Bowl, Castlewood Country Club, UC Berkeley, Claremont and Woodfin hotels, BART, Berkeley Honda, Alta Bates, Kaiser, and Summit hospitals.  Skinner currently supports the ongoing Fight for $15 campaign and the fast food worker’s right to organize.

In the lineup of several speakers, comments about Aloise were made by Joint Council 7’s Political Director Doug Bloch, IBT International Representative Bernadette McCulloch Kelly, Local 853’s Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Hart, California Labor Federation’s Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski, Alameda Labor Council’s Executive Secretary-Treasurer Josie Camacho, and the honored unionist himself. Bloch, who works closely with Aloise, concluded “it’s never about Rome, it’s always about what’s right for the members and organizing the unorganized.”

Solidarity awards were announced to recognize proven leadership within the labor movement and within the Alameda Labor Council. The Labor Council awarded IBEW 595, SMWIA 104, UA 342, and UA 483.

With his determination to keep the Teamsters strong, Rome Aloise prides in moving young leaders forward. With Aloises’ honorable track record and dedication to elevate workers, it is no surprise a room permeated with labor leaders, politicians, and community organizers celebrated this unstoppable force for good.

See “Unionist of the Year” evening below: