Executive Update

Welcoming Recology Davis

Welcome to our newest members; Recology Davis! An organizing campaign that lasted eight months has gained our Local a new bargaining unit of about 50 members. Our Business Agent Dustin Baumbach, Secretary-Treasurer Don E. Garcia, and Executive Board Trustee Carlos Borba successfully spearheaded this campaign that won our new members better conditions, higher wages, and a voice in their workplace.

“Our objective has been clear from the beginning- fight for the protections these invaluable workers deserve,” Dustin said about the successful contract ratification. “They were able to stand united throughout this process and, ultimately, unanimously vote to join our Union.”

As we expand our influence in Waste Management in Solano, Yolo and Contra Costa Counties and beyond, we know that all workers in the industry will benefit from the protections afforded to our members. Just as union density as a whole increases the conditions for the entire American workforce, expanding the influence of the Teamsters in all industries we represent will have a large ripple effect on those industries. We ask our members to join us in sharing the positive impact being a Union member has had in their lives and on their families. The more we can spread this knowledge, the more we can affect change that improves the lives of employees in all workplaces.