Executive Update

Don E. Garcia Secretary-Treasurer, Principal Officer

The Next Generation of Teamster

Teamsters 315 is getting out and connecting with future members with an innovative outreach program. From rebranding our website and social media pages over the past several months, to attending Career Fairs at schools and colleges throughout our Local jurisdiction, we are engaging the next generation of Teamster.

Making sure today’s young people not only know about the benefits of Union jobs, but also how and where to find them is of vital importance to our future. Our goal is to educate high schoolers and young adults about the myriad of career options they have, a message that contrasts to the college-only approach of our current education system. We have found that speaking with students about all that Union work can give to them and their families, as well as to their communities at large, is a message that resonates strongly.

“My father was a Teamster member for over 40 years so I had the privilege of growing up in a Union household. Therefore, it was a pleasure being able to speak with high school students to talk about the importance of Unions and the benefits of being under a Collective Bargaining Agreement,” says Business Agent David Rodriguez about a recent trip to Richmond High School. “I feel that it is important that the younger generation partake in the labor movement to keep Unions alive. That way they can benefit from better paying jobs, safer working conditions, good medical benefits and a retirement plan.”

Moving forward, we will continue to empower young adults with the knowledge on just how many opportunities exist for them in the Union world. By sharing the rich history of unions with the next generation, they can continue our important work in days to come.