Executive Update

Teamsters Supporting Teamsters

Get the help you deserve this holiday season. Founded 35 years ago by Local 315’s Fred Mah, today’s Executive Director and former 315 member, Bill Gaito, continues TAP with help of 315 members Chris Dunn, Veronica Valdez, and Terri Compaglia. Dunn has been a member over 2 years, Valdez, over 3 years, Compaglia, over 9 years, and Gaito, over 26 years. It is a program created and strengthened by 315 members, and is open to all Teamsters in Joint Council 7. They are here to help when life happens to walk with you every step of the way towards treatment and getting members back to work.

Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP) provides you and your immediate family with alcohol and drug abuse treatment, stress and anger management, depression, marital problems, and other counseling for personal problems. TAP assists in abuse and mental health services for our hard-working members who want healthier lifestyles.  TAP Program is paid for by participating health and welfare trusts.  The steps in TAP is assess, refer treatment, monitor, and aftercare to ensure complete support. Remember, no one has to be alone this holiday season. Teamsters Local 315 and TAP promote safety and good health in the workplace and in your families. Visit TAP at their new location: 80 Swan Way, Suite 320. Oakland, CA 94621. For questions, go to http://www.tap-program.org/index.html or call Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM at (510) 562-3600, or if you are outside the SF Bay Area, call (800)-253-8326.