Republic Services Contract Negotiations Update

Teamsters Local 315 has been in ongoing contract negotiations with Republic Services since January.  At this point, the parties remain far apart on issues of critical importance to the Union’s members, including safe working conditions at the landfill, a cessation of subcontracting, and an expedited grievance procedure to deal with the multiple contract violations.  While financial issues are, of course, important, most of the outstanding issues are health and safety issues that involve not just our members and surrounding communities.

The Union attended federal mediation to finalize negotiations last week, but the negotiations reached impasse as the Union’s concerns for safety, stopping subcontracting, and equality amongst workers are not heard. If Republic Services’ offer does not provide substantial language to our members, there could be a disruption of service in solid waste and recycle collection in your district.  We do not choose this action easily, but it is important to understand that Teamsters in one of the most dangerous jobs must be guaranteed good working conditions.

We ask fellow Teamsters and West Contra Costa families to stand in solidarity as we anticipate a good contract for members. Over 2,000 Teamsters in West Contra Costa will be affected by this disruption.  The purpose of halting services is to protect the workers who risk their lives every day and standing with them shows your support and appreciation for their work.  As the Union prepares for the possibility of disruption of services, we ask you to stand with us.