Local 315’s Member Tim Davenport Flies to Volunteer in Puerto Rico

Secretary-Treasurer Don E. Garcia wishes North Bay UPSer Tim Davenport safe travels

Tim Davenport, a UPS North Bay driver from the feeder department, is flying to Puerto Rico this Wednesday to assist in relief efforts, driving big rigs and transporting goods during this time of emergency. Puerto Rico has been in a state of emergency for two weeks due to Hurricane Maria.

I asked the humble UPSer how he feels about making a quick decision (in less than a week) to head down to Puerto Rico. “It’s no big deal, it’s volunteering. I’m just doing what needs to be done.” He was smiling ear to ear, excited to be able to help communities affected by the hurricane.  He will be driving from ports to families to distribute supplies.

Davenport has been a UPS Teamster for 27 years, and couldn’t be happier with the stability protected job.  “In most private sector, it’s a simple hire or fire. Here, we have a say… a collective voice.” Davenport will be traveling with Teamsters Joint Council 16, who represents workers in New York and Puerto Rico. We wish you safe travels and safe return, Tim!

“I Want To Help, Too! How Can I Get Involved?”

You can join Tim and many more of your Teamster brothers and sisters, who will also be driving to deliver goods to aid Puerto Rico.  Click here and fill out an online Volunteer Form through Teamsters Joint Council 16. Can’t take time off? Contributions are also being accepted.  Part of being a Teamster is working hard. It is also collectively standing up for your family, community, and help where ever it is needed.


Local 315 thanks you, Teamster brothers and sisters, for your time to help out during these difficult and unbearable times for the Hurricane Maria victims.