“Dream, Believe, Achieve”: Local 315 Women Attend Annual Teamsters Women’s Conference

Local 700 President and Director of the Women’s Conference, Becky Strzechowski, speaking to members.

(Orlando, FL): Last weekend, Teamsters Local 315 women joined forces with about 1,300 other North American Teamsters at the Annual Teamsters Women’s Conference to create conversation on various workplace issues, comparing campaigning strategies from across membership, and attending trainings on how to improve the workplace for everyone. The theme of this year’s conference is “Dream, believe, achieve”, words that define and pave the strong foundation of Teamster women.  Trainings ranged from open discussions on the #MeToo Movement to various public-sector locals’ strategies on retaining members’ commitment to paying union dues. The three-day conference promoted the many voices of working women with representation from all the Teamsters’ job industries.

One member praised the event for empowering and elevating the workers who don’t feel like their voice is heard. “There is a strong sense of inclusion, and it is powerful connecting with union sisters from all over. These working women have a lot to say. When we listen, we identify problems and share solutions, strengthening the voice of women in the Teamster community.”