Concord Naval Base Project To Be Redeveloped All Union

The City of Concord and the building trades unions reached an agreement in August for a project labor agreement under which they’ll redevelop the Concord Naval Weapons Base. This facility, originally a storage depot in World War II, was used for military staging up through the Gulf War before getting mothballed. It will soon become a new residential and commercial development with significant open space and parks projects built by a consortium of Discovery Builders, Lewis Group, and CC&I.

“By coming to agreement with the three master developers, we have assured all of our working men and women that this once-in-a-lifetime massive 20-to-30-year project will be built all-union,” said Local 315 Business Agent Mike Hughes, who was part of the negotiating team. “This is a huge win for all our existing members and for new members to come.”

Hughes says that the previously named developer, Lennar, had said that a Project Labor Agreement could never be finalized. “This Project Labor Agreement proves that the Concord City Council and the unions could work together to support strong worker protections and hold Wall Street accountable,” Hughes added.